Six reasons to grow peas for salad and more, and how to do it


I planted some peas in a pot this weekend. They will give us salad, fresh vegetables, and happiness in early spring. There are many

Influenced by the permaculture principle each element performs multiple functions, I got thinking about how this simple action will lead to many positive outputs.

Here is what these simple peas will provide for us:

  1. Shoots for salad – from our windowsill, which means less need to buy.
  2. Flowers for pollinators – this variety is particularly wonderful.
  3. Shoots, pods, and peas for eating.
  4. A way to reuse materials – wooden lollipop stick for label, magazine for keeping soil off the floor, dishwater for watering.
  5. Fun writing the label.
  6. More peas for seed.

So there are six good reasons to grow your own peas, right now. The great thing is that you can sow these peas and they will grow quickly, give you shoots that you can eat as salad, then let them grow back before planting them outside or in bigger pots, where they’ll flower, give pods for mangetout, then peas. All being well.

Here is how I grow peas for multiple uses:

  • Saved pea seeds in autumn last year (originally bought from Real Seeds).
  • Fill a pot with multipurpose compost, firmed down. An old yogurt pot will do just fine, with a few holes poked in the bottom with a knife.
  • Scatter the peas on the surface of the compost, close but not touching, then press down with your finger.
  • Cover with a little more compost.
  • Stand the pot in a couple of inches of water for it to soak up the water. I normally use dishwater (make sure it’s not too greasy).
  • Leave pot in the dark and warm for a couple of weeks to germinate. Take pot out and put on a sunny windowsill once shoots start to show.

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