Dreams to forage and preserve nature’s harvest

It’s that time of year again. Life may appear in a flourish in the Spring but Autumn is my favourite time of year when there is so much growing and ready to eat.

Last year I set about foraging the hedgerows and despite a setback by illness, my foragers wishlist was ticked off with help from friends. Damson chutney was one of my favourite creations, with fruit from a friend. Greengage jam was another hit, with my first discovery of the fruit with help from a local food map.

This year I have more wishes, a little more far reaching.


Hazels or Cobnuts top my list so I’ll have to race the squirrels to the harvest! Hopefully there will be honeyed hazels as featured in the River Cottage Handbook No. 2 – Preserves.

Pomegranates in suburban southern France
Orange picked from Majacar street tree

Two unexpected finds this year already, on our travels in France and Spain, have been pomegranates and this citrus orange. I think these are better than the apples we find on our streets and it’s good to see them integrated into urban architecture so you can enjoy the fruit fresh in the local shopping square or outside the swimming pool.

A bowl of fresh figs

To catch and store the harvest while it is abundant is important to be able to enjoy good food year round. It’s also fun!

What are you looking to forage this year and have you found any welcome surprises yet?


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