On your holidays

We are on our holidays! We have been planning for months. A break away from the 9-5, or 8-6 & 11ish ’til whenever, respectively. There is only so much we can plan and prepare, it’s not the same as a package holiday. We aren’t quite organised yet.

I realised the other day it has been more than a whole year since I last went abroad, when we went to Barcelona for a short break. I’ve gotten used to getting away as much as I possibly can, since I was old enough to earn money. I have so often decided to spend the money on traveling and experiencing other countries.

When I was 18 I flew to California on my own and explored San Diego then Hollywood. Fellow hostel guests in Los Angeles commented how I often had my nose stuck in a Rough Guides guidebook, as I read about what I could see and learn about the next day. Not much has changed.

The trip Jenny and I now find ourselves at the start of has been planned around several destinations, forming only a loose itinerary; “What dates will you be here?” all of our hosts have asked in advance. “Ermm…”
We know about the places we are stopping at but not exactly what we will do when we are there. The photos on Google look nice so we’ve earmarked some highlights but we’ve not sorted campsites, so our heads will rest where they fall.

Everyone we have spoken to about our road trip from Yorkshire to southern Spain has been excited for us, and I’ve only taken their bait and gone on about all the different stop offs we are hoping to make. Unlike a jet set, package holiday, there is room for the unpredictable and that’s the exciting bit! We know we will be driving from Limousin to Provence but don’t really know what to expect along the way. I think the surprise panoramic views, sipping wine in the sunshine, and village patisseries will make this journey great!

Last night we were watching the closing ceremonies of the Tour de France, seeing the aerial shots of the city of Paris, knowing that we will drive through there tonight. Probably.


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