When we forage

A question: when do you forage? I am interested to know what leads you to collect the goods of nature. How does it get from field/hedgerow/roadside verge to plate?

I imagine the answer is multilayered but I’d love you please to contribute by way of commenting on this post.
Do you generally set out to find a certain thing?
I, for example, in one instance this late summer went looking for blackberries down a lane I had not ventured down before and along the way discovered apple trees and dog rose. I made a mental note and later a physical note, annotating my OS map. Incidentally, I found what I think were dewberries but not blackberries (brambles).

Did you forage with your family growing up?
My Mum took me blackberry picking near my Nan’s when the season was right. We’d visit my Nan, borrow some old ice cream tubs, then go out and get purple fingers. How about you?

Do you share your harvest?
Apart from the more greedy of us, or in times of tiny harvests, I think we probably all share the fruits of our labour. Be it an apple pie or a wild leaf salad, one of the joys of foraging is sharing it with others who may not have been out ‘in the field’ with you. How have you shared your harvest and how does it go down? Did that person/people subsequently go and pick their own? I.e. did you influence them to change their behaviour?

How did you get to your forage?
A bit of a more odd question, but did you walk from home, go by bike, happen upon it when traveling by public transport? Did you need other help finding it, like a map or compass, or local wild food directory, or some online resource?

I hope by posing these questions it gets you thinking about your experiences of foraging and enjoying local, free food. I would very much appreciate feedback, and enjoy reading comments. *Wherever you are in the world, all comments appreciated.


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