Local apple sauce, my contribution to roast pork dinner

I am at my girlfriend’s place for Sunday dinner today, her parents are visiting and she kindly offered to cook for them.

We picked up a pork shoulder from the supermarket along with vegetables, potatoes for roasting, and stuffing (I insisted). The pork is about to go in the oven for a couple of hours to get juicy and hopefully crackle!

On a walk around the area, after being cooped up in the flat all day, I discovered an old apple tree round the corner outside the grounds of a local suburban church. I made a mental note.

We wandered that way just now and picked some of the apples from the tree – there were loads! The fruit are quite small but certainly ripe.

The local apple tree

We only took half a dozen fruit but they presented us with a nice surprise when I cut into them. They had strips of pink flesh.

Apples for baking

This is to be my contribution to Sunday dinner, a simple apple sauce. Everyone should have a local apple tree in their neighbourhood. See if you have one and if you do, make something with the apples before it’s too late this year.


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