“It is true that man does not live by bread alone”


I read these words in the From the Author to the Reader introduction of Pellegrino Artusi’s Exciting Food for Southern Types, and it rang true with my view on food. The book is part of the Great Food series, which I am pleased to say was recently delivered to my door. I think I’m going to enjoy reading it!


Food. I love it. It’s mainly the eating that I enjoy. Surprisingly, I used to be a very fussy child; I only ever used to eat fish fingers, tinned spaghetti bolognese, mashed potatoes, and my Nan’s homemade shepherd’s pie. Nowadays, as anyone that’s known me even for a short amount of time will be able to tell you, I eat most food. Most good food, anyhow. I appreciate fresh, natural produce, that’s the best to make a dish from.

There are many others who have written about making dishes from fresh food, more eloquently than I can. Here are some of my favourite writings on quality food, that I personally recommend:
River Cottage Everyday
Gary Rhodes’ Keeping it Simple
Fork to Fork

For me there is nothing better than eating fresh food that I have grown myself, it makes me happy. Can you recommend any books that expel the virtues of cooking with good quality, fresh produce? What are your favourites?


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