Sage, parsnip and parmesan soda bread

I have lots of sage growing in the garden at the moment. It has really enjoyed the more mild, albeit damp weather that spring has brought. I have more than I know what to do with. There is only so much sage and onion stuffing one can take.

One of my favourite things to bake is a soda bread – I’ve written about them before. I am more of a savoury cook, despite my exceptionally sweet tooth. There is some joy in adding vegetables to a loaf, it seems odd but once you have done it once and tasted the results, it makes perfect sense!
I followed a Delia Smith recipe for this one, from her How to Cook, Book Two. The parmesan crust really makes it something special. It’s quite difficult to not eat the whole loaf in one sitting.

Bread isn’t as difficult to bake at home as some may think. It’s not all about white bloomers & long rising times. You will probably (hopefully) have all the ingredients you need for a soda loaf in the cupboard already…
Find Delia’s recipe here, and please do share any recipes using sage, it won’t stop growing any time soon.


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