Mackerel is a ‘fish to eat’

I just read Hugh’s Fish Fight Mackerel Update and it seems that mackerel is now a ‘fish to eat’. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? When was mackerel not a fish to eat!?

Hopefully you will be aware that some fish and seafood is caught in a more sustainable fashion than others. At a basic level, some supplies are running low so if we keep fishing and eating them, they’re going to disappear. Mackerel, or more specifically handline caught mackerel, has been recategorised, which is a sign that the stocks may be doing better. I don’t eat much fish but when I do I am always pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy it! I am lucky to have a fishmongers in my town, so the fish I buy often comes from there, but there is something to be said for catching your own.

Photo credit: Joseph Munzer

Last summer I went sea fishing for the first time with a group of friends, we caught plenty of cod and mackerel from the small fishing vessel. It was a great day, and we came away with a great haul. The sun was out, the sea was calm, and the fish were a respectable size. When we got back to shore there was a local with fish mongering experience who filleted our fish for us, and we filled our car boots with black bin bags full of fresh fish meat. The freezer drawers got filled and so did our stomachs. I would certainly recommend going sea fishing for a few fun hours this summer, it connects you with where your food comes from and is a really good value for money shopping trip.Image

The Marine Conservation Society’s FishOnline website gives ratings for sustainability as well as stacks of other information about fish, and hey, there’s an (iPhone) app for that! There are various fishing trip providers in Whitby and in other seaside locations across the UK, just turn up and see what’s available or book ahead at busier times. We went with Ken Graham on Libby and would recommend.


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