Inspiration in the street


I was introduced to this wonderful ‘Edibillies’ edible bed in Bishophill, York. It was Chloe, the Chair of Edible York organising group, whom introduced the bed to my friend Kev and I. Actually, it was the first time Chloe had visited the bed too.

The bed is just inside the York City Walls, beside a block of garages, of a good size, and has mainly veg and herbs. In the photo you can see some of the chard, which has a strong presence in the bed, as do the large, round clumps of marjoram that lay at the edge of the bed, imminently spilling onto the pedestrian pavement.

Look at and like Edible York’s Facebook page for some local edible news and occasional inspiring photos.

You can locate the Bishophill bed for yourself on the Edible York map (currently being rejuvenated & updated I understand).

Are you growing your own, spotted someone else growing their own, or inspired by something edible ‘in the street’? Then shout about it, take a photo and tweet it or write a blog. Spread the inspiration.


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