No (Dog) Messing Around


Yep, that’s a photo of a dog poo bin. I took this photo the other morning, on my walk to work. The sight of this newly installed dog mess bin made me smile.

What you can see in the background is the gate to a community garden. The garden has been in existence for three and a half years, I helped to create it when I was a student. I remember there always being so much dog mess around, both within the borders of the garden and around the periphery. The path you can see that goes past the garden is Route 66 cycle path, upkept by Sustrans; the only thing worst than scraping your boots of the stinky mess is scraping your cycle tyres!

I was pleased to see that a bin had been installed. It made me think, I should have taken action at the time of starting the garden, we could have asked for a bin then. I remember suggesting it at the time and having a subsequent conversation about the potential expense of getting the bin in place. I don’t know who made it happen, but whoever it was, well done and thank you.

Community gardening is wonderful – it’s good fun and has so many positive social and environmental benefits. I’d highly recommend you to do some digging (forgive the pun) and find out what gardening is happening in your community.


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