Getting my hands dirty

I’ve been getting my hands dirty this evening, helping at a new community garden just footsteps away from where I work. I’d packed my bag up for the day, as the last of us left work for the long, Easter weekend. As we walked out together Kev said, ‘Ooh, do you fancy coming to the Dig In? It starts in 20 minutes!’ The rest is history… Luckily I had some muddy shoes and a change of trousers in the boot of my car, so I made a swift costume change and some obligatory faffing, then was away. The community garden has been given a lease of life by some Dig In funding by The Big Lottery Fund, project led by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. It’s early days in terms of construction and planting but there’s already more growing than just plants – community too! This evening we planted a variety of currants and small fruiting plants, including raspberries, blackcurrant, whitecurrant, and blueberry. There’s a small rhubarb too. ‘We’ were: myself and Kev, our friend Tom, a member of the local Residents’ Association, around four other residents in passing, and five local children. Oh and a dog!

Getting muddy
Kev banging nails into the new planter

It’s nice to be blogging about more than just my own garden for a change. Hopefully I can write about this garden more before too long! You may like to follow these on Twitter: @YorksWildlife @Dig_In_York @BigLotteryFund @York_wards Oh, and me? @rsb90


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