How I can help

I am a versatile communications professional. I have good experience of communications and would like to work with you and/or your organisation.

I also hold a permaculture design certificate and work on designs to increase personal and community resilience. I have designed a series of workshops and am always happy to chat about sustainability and gardening issues.

Contact me, let’s talk. See details of my work below.

  • Mentoring
  • Web
  • Social media
  • Video
  • Photography

One-to-one mentoring

I am happy to mentor on the above areas to help guide you towards becoming a proficient digital communicator yourself.

“Ryan first worked for me, helping me upgrade my understanding and delivery of social media… he was such a good tutor, very relaxed, patient and sharp.” LinkedIn recommendation.

I will always ensure you understand and can apply the skills before finishing a session.

I am based in Derbyshire, am in Yorkshire regularly, and sometimes around London as well as Cornwall. Is that near you? Let’s meet. Or, let’s simply us zoom video online.

Please use the contact form if you think you could benefit from working together.


I can help you with your existing website, whether you need someone to just perform routine maintenance, rejuvenate an existing site including the copy, or consult on how you can improve your current provision.

I have experience of working with different CMS with a range of clients. Experience includes:

  • NING
  • Drupal 7
  • plus other custom CMS sites (including NUS UnionCloud).

Get more from your website

An external experienced eye is sometimes the most useful tool. I will provide a diagnosis of your outward facing digital communications and tailor a package to help you develop and sell your services or products.

Contact me for a tailored quote.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, instagram… It can all get a bit much and blend into one after a while.

I can help you make the best use of this powerful resource. I can help develop a digital communications strategy to ensure online efforts work for you and meet your aims, and help you lead the way to being a social media whizz.

What about a blog?

I can guide you in setting up a new blog or improving your current efforts.

Writing for the web is a specialist skill, one that I can help you hone.

I can work with you or your staff member/s one-to-one, in small groups, or provide a training workshop for larger groups. I am Train the Trainer qualified. I have some pre-designed workshops, which I can deliver for you at short notice.

Contact me for a quote.


I have a First Class Ba (Hons) degree in Film & TV Production and have produced and shot over 135 short videos. My passion and area of interest is short videos that have a practical use.

Below are some samples of my work in a playlist for you to view and think over.

How can video add to your work or event? I can produce full HD, broadcast quality video to suit your audience and your budget.

Video Rates:

As a guide I charge the following for video work, using my basic setup:

£100 per half day filming (up to 3.5 hours) determined by me
£100 standard edit charge (up to 1 day’s work)
Extra charges for consumables such as DVDs. Travel expenses may apply.
Please note, special or involved projects may take extra time so attract extra charges.

Please contact me for a full quote for your project


I have a full HD camera and can document your event, bring your venue to life, or take portraits.

Contact me to talk about your project or if you have an idea of how we could collaborate.